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Formula E

Sound Tracks

For the 2019 HKT Hong Kong e-Prix, Formula E was set to introduce its biggest update to the series to date: the all-new Gen 2 race car. Instead of simply promoting the race like previous seasons, Formula E needed to get people excited about the game-changing Gen 2. But without a physical car available, we had to engage fans in a totally different way. As a brand that has always been at the intersection of racing, technology and music, we looked to these pillars to create a unique solution.

Sound Tracks. Thousands of unique music remixes created by fans that unveiled the Gen 2 race car to the wider public. Using a custom-built Sound Tracks mixing board, fans were able to mix the iconic sounds of the Gen 2 to a variety of electronic music scores, generating intelligent, responsive video remix clips on their mobile devices in real time. And in the week leading up to the e-Prix, they released their tracks online, building excitement for the race and unveiling the car for the first time. Instead of just teasing the Gen 2 to fans, we let them take it for a spin.

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Formula E


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Design Director


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